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now normally these messages when you click on them are to a totally diff email address than the one they have come through on so i do accecpt they are just crap.

but last week we had a bit of an argument and i went to bed at 8pm i knew he had been on the laptop but he must of figured out how to do in private browsing, since then he has got more emails going in his junk saying things like, hey baby loved chatting to you when can we do it again?

His email is an obvious name and it's random spam i.e [email protected] email is in the address book of a friends email and the friends PC is a zombie PC or has been infested with some virus.

Someone has signed him up as a joke (unlikely) yeah he tried to say that someone had signed him up but that did not work with me!

I get about 10 porn emails a day into my hotmail account. I assure you I have never signed up to a porn site.

There was a page in the history called adultfriendfinder- I clicked on it and it went to a sign in page- i could not see any other pages in the history but that sign in page was there.

does other peoples dp's or dh's get these emails do they mean nothing?

this sort of argument has cropped up before and i feel like he is pulling the wool over my eyes but he isnt really that kind of bloke?

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