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To a lesser extent, the updating of player models is an ongoing one.

However, the developers were able to complete their work more quickly than expected, enabling them to implement updated models for almost all pre-Cataclysm races prior to the expansion's launch, After having been available on the expansion's alpha and beta servers, as well as later the PTR realm, the finished models were finally implemented in the live game in Patch 6.0.2, October 14 2014.

While appearances could be changed through the paid Appearance Change service, many players felt it was only fair to allow players to re-customize their faces for free following the revamp, especially as many of the faces did not correspond particularly closely to the face they would be replacing.

It was not until September, around a month before the models were implemented, that it was revealed that Warlords would see players able to adjust their faces in the barbershop, something that had not previously been possible.

Representing a work in progress, the models often varied over time, rendering earlier images out of date.

For videos and further images, as well as comparison to the older models, see here and here.

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