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I literally feel like I'm floating above it and its so far in the past, and I'm not sure how I got here so quickly. Its kinda true, a lot of the issues I had with H are the same ones I had from day zero. He promised that he would be there in case H lost it or came looking for me or if I needed someone to intervene for any reason. Isn't it weird how weddings made me so tense when I actually had a boyfriend/fiance, and how they are completely peaceful and fun now that I don't? So I was working at the office one day, just peacefully, efficiently, and busily (is that a word? It was clear to me that I wouldn't be able to talk to the friend again (he and I were the type of friends who could talk about anything without judgement), and so I let it go and accepted that I couldn't possibly expect that H's only close friend would stay my friend as well. Didn't think I would want to meet him and I can't possibly think of anything that can't be dealt with remotely.

I'm trying to finish the thesis I never finished and excel at work and bond with my colleagues since I'm with them 99% of my life anyways! There are some moments when I can actively feel myself getting stronger. It seems H has been spreading the word that we've broken up so that I don't have to. I obsessively followed his little dot until he was home, then I was finally able to sleep. Is there more pain still coming that I haven't processed? It's by far the longest it's ever been that we went without speaking. I'm starting to really identify the qualities and traits in a person that are important to me, and the things I'm not okay with. It's not something I'm very proud of, and I think it's very applicable to this blog so I'll tell you girls about my thoughts on this. Interacting will be too complicated and too painful.

Backstory—friend couldn’t make it to philharmonic at last minute so I went alone, met this guy, went on ONE, HORRIFIC date.

Then got this.------ Message From: Date: Sun, -0500 To: Subject: Hi Lauren Hi Lauren, I’m disappointed in you.

I'll try to write more about things I learned from K, but this is just a brief update for now because I know you girls have been waiting for ages to hear from me. I thought about it again and suddenly I identified the feeling. ) I told him that I understood that it was completely justified and that I was glad we managed to overcome the dramatic issues. Over and over again I get shocked by how many people had bad impressions about him and are amazed at how good I look and sound. I need to do that more, be completely surrounded by new people, or a few old friends who didn't interact with him much. I notice the way my breath catches a bit when he comes and sits on my desk and leans into my laptop to tell me something.

Lots and lots and lots of love being sent your way. I deleted our shared calendar, left the "Apple Family" that we had to share apps and books. I changed my Apple ID password because I knew he had it and could check my location if he wanted to. Then one day I realized that for the first time in years (literally maybe more than 4 years), H had no idea where I was. He saw me with A, and A made a point to make that quite obvious (not sure if it was the beer he was drinking or if he was feel over protective because of the guy's connection with H). I would have never imagined being able to neatly tie up all the loose ends of such a chaotic, emotionally draining relationship. I notice myself noticing his scent and how comfortable he is being in such close proximity to me. He never replied to my SMS so I replied to his email saying pretty much the same thing I said in the SMS. I met one of his coworkers at a wedding and I'm sure she noticed I wasn't wearing mine.

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So barring the real Lauren/Mike coming forward, the story begins and ends here.

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