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Then check the Security tab on the Reverse Zone and make sure that group is authorized to create all child objects (DNS records) 2) If your statically-configured hosts are not updating the reverse zone, make sure their NICs are configured to register their IP in DNS (Windows hosts are enabled for this by default).

A stub zone is a read only copy of a zone that contains only those resource records which are necessary to identify the authoritative DNS servers for that particular zone, stub zone also used like DNS Forwarding and its practically used to resolve names between separate DNS namespaces.Dy default the primary zone file is named as zone_in Windows\System32\DNS folder on the server If its AD integrated zone then all the records are stored in Domain partition on the Domain Controllers What id Secondary DNS zone?This is the read only copy of a zone file in the DNS namespace.SOA (Start of Authority) Declares the host that is the most authoritative for the zone and, as such, is the best source of DNS information for the zone.Each zone file must have an SOA record (which is created automatically when you add a zone) Also Read: Active Directory (AD) Real Time Interview Questions and Answers What is Caching Only Server?

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