Why am i not excited about dating

Hi, Basically an acquaintance for the past 2 years asked me on a date which I said yes too. Also I went on a date with a woman, I wasn't too sure about or excited, but we went on our first date, it went well, then had a second date, but was still not super excited just yet and it was amazing. Just go, have fun, give him a fair chance, you never know what you will feel after the date. He is a lovely guy and I'm somewhat attracted to him but I'm just not excited about our date tonight. If you don't think there is much after that, don't go out with him again. I don't want to let him out and not even try to see of there is any chemistry Go on the date, after all dates are all about getting to know someone and you never know what it could lead to.

Some guys won’t even take the time to hear you out respectfully when you tell them what you want and expect out of any relationship you get into, but it’s not your job to teach him how to do something that should be common sense.

You don’t need to pick up a late night phone call just to get face time in with someone you’re supposed to be dating and you don’t need to stick around and accept less than you want.

Sometimes you have to accept some guys at face value —they’re simply not the right one for you.

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