Whos dating taylor lautner

Their similarities in terms of relationship-inspired lyrics might have made them a perfect match.

John Mayer and Swift penned “Half Of My Heart” together, amongst others.

Swift did not at first confirm she was dating Jonas, but eventually the truth came out… Jonas seems to have a fairly amicable relationship with Swift now, despite the ugly breakup.

Belle, on the other hand, is still not a fan of the singer after “Better Than Revenge,” supposedly alludes to “the things that she does on the mattress.” Belle is known to take to social media for subtle jabs at the singer.

He did tell MTV that Swift was a better kisser than his fellow music video costar Miley Cyrus.

Swift seemed to strike back at these rumors with the eventual release of “Back To December,” a song which many believe is an apology to Lautner for taking his love for granted.

They may have broken up because Gyllenhaal supposedly did not attend Swift’s birthday party which led to unrest. There were several men speculated to be in Swift’s life between Gyllenhaal and the first coming of Harry Styles, but no photographic or even spoken proof of their relationships with which to substantiate.

It seems that this period was mainly made up of casual dating for Swift.

Mayer eventually wrote the song “Paper Doll,” which was alleged to have been about Swift and contains some obvious references to “Dear John.” One of these clues is his reply to Swift’s “Dear John” lyric, “You paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain.” Mayer’s response?Swift and Styles only publicly dated for a month, but the couple traveled together often and seemed perfect together.They may have broken up on vacation together, which sounds like a really great trip.Though this alleged initial courtship between Swift and Styles was almost too brief to even include, there have been some telling statements and even a song about the singers’ first fling.Some say “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about Styles and their first meeting, and some Taylor Swift-sourced comments from a are said to be about Kennedy, including “Begin Again.” Kennedy and Swift, by all accounts, were a very harmonious couple, to the point that Swift majorly bonded with the Kennedy family and they even inspired their own song “Starlight” on Kennedy was a bit younger than Swift, and still a student, and gossip reported that she even was considering buying a house near his.

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