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We're here to help make your dating experience as successful as possible. Give us a call at 1-888-854-3803 or use the form below to send us an email.Already, there has been a new co-head writer put into place, and the bombshell news that fan favorite Steve Burton is coming home to Port Charles after his four-year stay in Genoa City, bringing along with him the million dollar question … Add to the mix Rebecca Budig (Hayden) exiting the series, and William de Vry’s (Julian) contract impasse, and things are definitely shaking out on the Daytime Emmy-winning drama series.It was nonetheless, a relief to everyone when it later emerged that Billy has renewed his contract with GH.Fans were evidently happy that Miller will stay on as Jason Morgan.The big news, of course, is Steve Burton coming back to FRANK: When Steve left GH we were really sorry to see him go, but we knew it was a new opportunity for him, so we were excited for him.Steve and I have always stayed in touch, and we have seen each other at the Daytime Emmys.Ava’s daughter has been taken away, her beauty has been taken away, and it will be interesting to see her get it back, and what she does with it.Finally, what can you give GH fans as a tease for what to watch for this fall?

Billy Miller was born as William John Billy Miller on the 17th day of September 1979.Of course, he has had a big year winning Outstanding Supporting Actor, and when he left Y&R he was thinking about coming back, and we were in touch, and we were able to make it happen.I think the most important thing for everyone to know and understand in regards to his return is that it changes the paradigm, and changes the dynamic of the show in such a way that it will create a lot more romance, a lot more intrigue, a lot more adventure, and all the stuff that you want from the show. But at this point, it’s just a little bit up in the air.Maura West has been turning in gut-wrenching performances, one after the other, as the viewers have watched the fallout of Ava being badly burned in a fire.Will you continue to tell this story, and take the time with the beats of Ava’s journey? I think a lot of people think she needs to pay for her crimes as well, and what she is going through now is really hard.

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