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The responding officer noted in the Boca Raton police report obtained by Page Six that both sides “confirmed that the argument was verbal in nature and nothing physical had taken place” and “[Kasey] still had residency rights to the property.” They “confirmed that they would be staying in separate bedrooms for the remainder of the evening” and the police left.Kasey has since applied to new apartments, but “she’s living out of bags now.She is 61 years of age now and has a daughter with Mario who is called Avery, 23.But the couple divorced in 2015 when Ramona discovered that he has a secret mistress. Mario was dating Kasey Dexter who was his new girlfriend during the time he was still married to Ramona Singer.The last call which the police took was on 24 April 2018 which means that after January, the couple had patched up for a few months before again breaking up. Sometimes, I think she just says she’s going on dates so she can sneak back home to hang out with her dog Co Co. Or at least that’s what Ramona has been saying…based on nothing at all, which (weirdly) makes me laugh every time she mentions it., Ramona opened up about her love life.He has registered for it and is on the search for his next girlfriend.

It is said that the Boca Raton police personnel had to visit their home three times to ease the domestic disturbance that resulted over the issue of the eviction.

He had cheated on Ramona with his new girl Kasey and Ramona had filed for a divorce from him in January 2014.

Mario and Kasey were together but their relationship was not smooth.

What goes around comes around, especially for Ramona Singer‘s ex-husband.

A source told Page Six on Wednesday that Mario Singer dumped his mistress-turned-girlfriend Kasey Dexter after using a hidden camera to catch her having an affair in their West Palm Beach, Fla., home.

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