Who is paul wesley dating torrey devitto is bill kaulitz dating pinky

Here is more information about the incredible Actor. His parents immigrated from Poland, where he spent quite a portion of his childhood.

He spent four months every year in Poland until he turned sixteen and as a result, he speaks Polish fluently.

He studied theatre in both New York and New Jersey.

Since her relationship with Paul, many of Paul’s fans have been curious to know more about her. "It was very funny, we talked about it, but we literally never rehearsed [the scene] or ran it.We just said, 'Let's just do it when we get to set,' because otherwise it would just be awkward, and it was cool.He is also the Co-founder of Citizen Media, a production company based at Kapital Entertainment, which has sold many television shows to several networks and studios.He won a young Hollywood award for ‘Cast to Watch’ for his role in . His birth name is actually Paul Thomas Wasilewski; however, he asked his parents for permission to change his name to Paul Wesley later in 2005.

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back on tonight, there are lots of unanswered questions about her character, the devious and conniving Melissa Hastings.

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