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While stepping out at the Art of Elysium's Heaven Gala, Ashley couldn't help but flash a new piece of bling on her special finger. They get to stay together forever."Congratulations to Topher and Ashley on their special day.An eyewitness also described Topher as a man "extremely cute with his girlfriend."Perhaps one relationship this pair can and will look up to is nobody other than Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. As expected, Grace was the first main cast member to leave , departing before the show’s eighth and final season. His natural charisma carried the decent sitcom (which regularly but barely overcame its heinous, overblown laugh track), and Topher, intent on Hollywood stardom, began his path of taking whatever Paul Rudd roles Paul Rudd didn’t feel like taking.It worked reasonably well , a competent romantic comedy starring Dennis Quaid and Scarlett Johansson alongside Grace, in which Grace played a wunderkid busisnessman taking over Quaid’s firm and subsequently falling in love with his daughter.When they first called me, they didn't offer me the role, they just asked if I wanted to try out for something." But it's clear that Grace's innate talent scored him that big break, and led to a dextrous career.Although he continues to remain fairly private about his personal life, Grace hasn't stopped surprising fans with new ventures.It betrayed my theory that Venom was never supposed to jump into that explosion at the end of was shot in 2007, only to be shelved by the studio for four years.

Unfortunately, Spider-Man fans and casual movie audiences alike apparently didn’t want the actor who was inherently supposed to out-Mc Guire Tobey Mc Guire, in a process otherwise known as Topher Gracing, to be Topher Grace. Nevermind that a hackneyed, stoner comedy named after an Eddie Money song was exactly the type of vehicle Grace would have starred in circa 2011. If not, at least those of us insane enough to suggest Laura Prepon’s career would outlast Topher Grace’s will have something to smile at when we visit Topher Grace’s Topher Grave.

— and try to pinpoint the exact moment in which their once-promising career went off the rails.], a late-90’s sitcom that arrived at the height of the Clinton years — a time when the economy was booming, the concept of 9/11 was still unthinkable, and nostalgia was at its utmost bankable, sharks jumped and unjumped alike be damned.

Grace was widely perceived as the cast member most likely to break out of and emerge a movie star, the bashful everyman who could capably anchor many a romantic comedy, receive a reliable amount of backlash due to his lack of range, and cash in several paychecks thanks to his lack of range.

It just did, so immediately and so irreversibly and, to this point, so tragically.

It’s not like he was making notably poor decisions. But the man inside the has a new, shitty sitcom on TBS.

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