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In later years, she modeled for Nike and Athleta and also continue vaulting.Although her ranking is not good; but she always attracts news for her glamour.so, to the two other posters that often post here, remember, don't stress, it's not us, and the trolls will soon leave. i guess questions about her sexual orientation are legit but snooping for photos?? i'd have to say she is very smart woman to have you all guessing like this, i mean it seems that there is a bit of a consensus of her being gay but who REALLY knows? Andrea "Annie" Clark is a Canadian actress and dancer who was born on June 4, 1992. Also she appeared in the movie Not With My Daughter as Abby Eco, co-starring with Erik Knudsen and John Ralston.

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, Paper Scissors Glue, Roxy Hunter, Campus and the Secret of the Shaman and had the lead role in the movie Solo. She appeared in the movie Teen Lust as Denise co-starring with Jon Cor.

She has appeared in The Listener, How to be Indie, Overruled!

Prior to Stokke, Fowler dated the model Alexis Randock apparently from 2014 to 2016.

The two seemed together quite often during that time.

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