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While that is a very big leap in logic to say Bayley is giving hints about a secret pregnancy, on Instagram she made it even more blunt by writing, “We’re expecting…her and Paige to win at Wrestlemania tomorrow.”, and since AJ Lee retired yesterday, it’s obvious she could not have been pregnant for the match with the Bella Twins based on WWE policy.In addition, CM Punk almost blatantly said that AJ Lee’s UFC career is a real possibility.Even as AJ Lee retires, Ronda Rousey has yet to make any sort of public comment, either through the media or her own Twitter account.

The WWE 2K20 roster has been hotly speculated by wrestling fans over the last 12 months after the surprise 2K19 omissions of then-NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa, now-WWE tag title holder Nikki Cross, and 205 Live veteran The Brian Kendrick.

In addition, speculation about AJ Lee’s return has already started among fans.

When the WWE announced AJ Lee’s retirement they phrased it this way.

In 2014, this lack of solid info led many in the media to call AJ Lee pregnant, and some even went so far as to scrutinize photos to see if AJ Lee’s baby bump was showing.

After all, nothing revs the celebrity gossip machine more than having children.

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