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In 1906, Parker Brothers published the game Rook, their most successful card game to this day, and it became the best-selling game in the country.During the Great Depression, a time when many companies went out of business, Parker Brothers released a new board game called Monopoly.According to Fox, Tinder represents a major potential cash cow.But like, not in a gross way; a hot one that looks good in Facebook photos.The most highly sought of Parker puzzles are the wooden Parker Pastimes.Parker also produced children's puzzles, as well as the Climax, Jig-A-Jig, Jig Wood, and Paramount lines.

At this time, the company ventured into the toy market with the electronic action figure, Rom the Spaceknight, in 1977.

, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Ouija, Aggravation, Bop It, and Probe.

The trade name became defunct with former products being marketed under the "Hasbro Gaming" label. Parker's philosophy deviated from the prevalent theme of board game design; he believed that games should be played for enjoyment and did not need to emphasize morals and values.

The company continued to grow throughout the next several decades, producing such lasting games as Cluedo (released as Clue in North America), Risk, and Sorry!

Parker Brothers marketed its first jigsaw puzzle in 1887.

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