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Or, even worse, what if a white guy said he only wanted a white girl! Imagine a guy with a profile who specifically said, 'Asian girls only', or something like that.He'd immediately come across as a loser with a distinct sexual interest in Asian girls. They should be free to insist on white men if they want to. A bit concerned for the cognitive capacity of our species, perhaps?No offence but these girls are wasting their time limiting themselves to one race.Plus what I've seen on TSR and from my mates, white guys don't really go for black girls.I'm white myself and even though I'm in favour of inter-racial relationships, when I'm viewing girls on ok Cupid/POF, a lot of the black girls demand, not prefer, demand that they want to be contacted by white guys only.It's a considerable amount of black girls saying they want white guys and I've noticed this since last winter.The month of November has two days that people look forward to: Thanksgiving … Com is the perfect dating site for black women looking for white men.Any white man can browse and choose black women from a …

We married Nov.16th 2013 Warren and I first met in May of 2011, talked on the phone a few times and ended our connection.

Similar to Where White People Meet, the website says anyone can join, but typical users are is black women and men "looking for love or others with a desire to meet black singles," Coleman said. Jacksonville – Second, the article singles out in a negative manner a veteran Jacksonville …

don’t argue and you won’t have a problem — regardless of whether you are black or white.

Racial preferences in dating are downright primitive, it should be a totally free market and race should be no barrier. I'm guessing a lot of them are specifically on the dating sites because they predominantly know black men and, for whatever reason, want to try dating white guys. Like a lot of guys on here seem to think they'd be much more successful if they were in another country- looking to blame someone else in my opinion. A bit concerned for the cognitive capacity of our species, perhaps? I like girls from all races, but I don't think people are necessarily prejudiced.

I think plenty of white people have racial preferences, they just wouldn't state them. There is no innate, genetic, hard-wired response to certain ethnicities or skin colour. Men and women are all and always subject to the rules of evolutionary biology. Though I assume some of these girls associate white guys with fidelity and success.

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Really, it's better to be honest, as you won't waste anyone's time. If you're the best man you can be, then you are going to appear attractive. I am British-Indian but attracted to all different types of girls equally. I have my heart strings flustered most days just walking around, as do most well-rounded, emotionally developed people with enough life experience behind them to know race doesn't mean a damn thing. I'm pretty sure none of these girls have hung out with me and my friends.

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  1. Hi, Basically an acquaintance for the past 2 years asked me on a date which I said yes too. Also I went on a date with a woman, I wasn't too sure about or excited, but we went on our first date, it went well, then had a second date, but was still not super excited just yet and it was amazing. Just go, have fun, give him a fair chance, you never know what you will feel after the date.