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But yell (or whisper) your partner’s name when you’re in the throes of passion. D., a sex therapist in Philadelphia and author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

“’I like the way you look’ is lukewarm, but ‘I love the way you look’ sounds very positive and passionate.” (For more hot sex and relationship strategies, consult The Girl Next Door .) There is no-fail way to use this word in reference to her vagina.

Outside of marriage, the Word of God gives us some principles that would definitely apply to cyber-sex / phone sex.

Or as Jaiya puts it, “Tell her how she’s affecting you.Guide to Pleasuring a Woman—Start-to-Finish Instructions for Giving Her the Best Orgasm Ever And there are some that work for almost every woman out there: “Words that help her feel wanted, desired, and sexy are going to usually universally trigger women,” says Jaiya, a sex educator and author of Most women don’t want a yes man—i.e., a pushover—but they do love a guy who knows what he wants.“We’re attracted to men who are certain and decisive,” says De Anna Lorraine, a Los Angeles-based dating coach. It’s not about someone random.” In other words, tacking on her name is a dynamite way to reassure her that she prompted your pleasure, not some fantasy woman in your head.No, the microwaveable dinners aren’t the new aphrodisiac—this is a slang term for her vagina, and oddly enough, women love it.When Jaiya does the sexual trigger words exercise with couples, “almost everyone will raise their hands on hot pocket,” she says.

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