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It comes after the Philippines called on wealthy countries to help crack down on the problem.

But there were warning signs prior to the abuse in Staufen. was handed a one-year suspended sentence in 2005 for having child pornography on his computer and his phone. was sentenced to over four years in prison for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. Both the local courts and the youth welfare office traded blame after the horrific situation came to light, with the youth welfare office maintaining that the boy did not show signs of abuse at the time.

Both times he was ordered to take part in therapy and said he was willing to do so. Besides posting pornographic images of the boy on the darknet, the couple also decided to start offering the boy up to darknet users based in Germany and other European countries to physically abuse, assault and rape the boy in exchange for money. would often take part in the sexual assaults by driving her son to meet with the men, restraining him and forcing him to take part by threatening him that he would end up in foster care if he didn't comply. Pedophilia ring busted In September 2017, there was a break in the case.

It took three hours for prosecutors on Monday to read out the over 100-page indictment in court against the boy's mother and her partner, the two main suspects.

The two face charges of rape, forced prostitution and other offenses in over 50 instances.

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