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It was seen again at the Enterprise Way Dog Park at approx. Location: Patch of willow trees about 100 meters south of south end of Burtch Road, in Kelowna.

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle Infos über Ihr "Urlaubszuhause".

Birds flew across the lake and were later relocated at the mouth of Mission Creek in Kelowna, where a distant record shot was obtained. Park at the marina at the eastern end of Nelson Ave S. It was in the first grassy field / shoreline you encounter.

Turn left on dirt road which continues heading N along base of Brewery Ridge.

Bird was seen at around AM and again at about 2 PM.

Northern Mockingbird (1) Location: Lover inonoaklin Rd in Fauquier. Lesser Goldfinch (1 male) Location: Singing along Mc Dougal Road Trail in Rose Valley Regional Park, West Kelowna. Has been seen by some observers at the first bench you encounter when traveling south from Casorso Rd on the north side of creek.

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