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The S60 is unlikely to challenge its ubiquitous rival when it comes to driving fun, being front- or all-wheel drive, unlike the rear-drive BMW.But the top spec versions can be specced in ‘Polestar Engineered’ trim, promising a little more sportiness via posh brakes and dampers, if not the full leftfield-M3 experience offered by the old S60 and V60 Polestars.These all have one thing in common, the love of Volvo model cars and the constant thirst for more discoveries at flea markets and junk shops.I shall discuss in this piece only the rarest models of the many which have been found since 1930, those which are rare because of their age and because only a few were made.UFO research began over 2000 years ago according to popular literature, but the age of the Volvo miniature can be said to date from 1930 when the first toy model of a Volvo lorry appeared in a catalogue.There are only a few Volvo lodges (groups) which are involved in tracing all hitherto unknown Volvo models and which would also like to own them.However few of these remain as the material used has not stood the test of time. Despite the drop in value for a collector, this model is still a popular toy where it has survived.

We happen to think it looks flipping fantastic – clean and classy without being boring, in a world where the BMW 3 Series manages the opposing trick of being fussy yet dull.A cast iron model - precise detail - scale 2 sections - cast in Germany - bodywork dark green, an occasional example of this model appears at a toy auction and will fetch a four figure sum (German marks) In the mid 1930's a smaller model appeared - scale - PV36 -CARIOCA - Swedish manufacturer - tin plate, enjoyed a revival in the 1980's when a junk dealer rediscovered the original moulds in the old factory, some new models were then cast, an unusual occurrence, but very lucky for Volvo collectors.BRIO was the big name in Sweden after the war, Volvo entrusted them with the first commercial model of the PV444, which appeared first in 1944 but actually went into production in 1947.Chiefly black, white and red, most were given to Volvo dealers to give to Volvo customers buying the actual car.One such miniature turned up after the death of a PV444 driver who had lovingly cherished both cars for 45 years.

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