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Many gadgets include a "standard" size and a larger, expanded size.In Windows Vista, gadgets are installed onto the (see What is the Sidebar?Many gadgets (including the Lottery Results Gadget) also can be moved by dragging any non-active part of the gadget itself, but the drag area is the most reliable way to move a gadget.In Windows Vista, you can see all the gadgets that are installed on your computer by clicking the Gadgets button that appears at the top of the Sidebar.Gadgets are mini-programs that offer information at a glance and provide easy access to frequently used tools.For example, you can use gadgets to display a picture slide show, view continuously updated headlines, look up contacts, or in this case, get the latest lottery results.

You are free to delete or archive the original .gadget file, as it is no longer needed.

When you first install a gadget it is placed on the Sidebar, but you can drag the gadget onto the Windows desktop if you wish.

The Sidebar keeps important information and tools readily available for you to use, without stopping what you're doing to switch to a website or program.

Gadget version: 4.7.3Last updated: 10 June 2013 Network Meter is an advanced network desktop gadget for Windows.

It shows your SSID (Service Set Identifier), signal strength, internal and external IP addresses, blacklisted IP ratio, IP lookup with Google Maps, Internet speed (upload and download), firewall check, remaining data (quota, usage, and day), total data usage, and whether your connection is secure.

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