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The church here is the center of political, cultural and spiritual life, and the priest usually enjoys unquestioned authority in the community.Spanish is widely spoken, but English is used much less – you will deal with it only in business districts of large cities and on some islands in the Caribbean.Since childhood, girls are trying to take care of their health and beauty.Neatness in clothes, make-up, and hairstyle are things without which a Venezuelan girl cannot be imagined.That is why sometimes dating a Venezuelan girl can be very tricky.Learn cultural features Venezuela Venezuela is a Catholic country, so many local traditions are based on adherence to Christian norms of behavior.The operation to correct the nose or chest has long been considered the most popular gift for the 16th anniversary.

That is why they often choose foreigners as their partners.

That means, if you plan to tie a knot with any of Venezuelan women, you should better be prepared to devote a huge part of your life to family traditions.

Grow together Dating a Venezuelan girl is not only about her beauty but also about intelligence and self-development.

What is a secret of the beauty of Venezuela females?

One explanation is that the population of the country was formed by immigrants. For example, the characteristic eye shape of Venezuelan ladies has originated from their Indian ancestors.

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For example, they wear shoes with high but wide heels. In Venezuela, where almost everybody strives for the ideal body, people start taking care of their appearance almost from childhood.

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  1. It’s very awkward to decide who should pay on the first date or first meeting, so who take the action first would pay the bill. Take your phone with you anywhere, even in the bathroom!