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David Poon thought he and the woman he fell for could overcome.

"When we first met she said, ' I can only date a vegan.' I said we'd work it out," he said.

As for David Poon, he said he agreed with the ideology behind his partner's veganism.

But he found giving up meat and cheese harder than he anticipated.

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"I really like chicken wings, but I don't like them more than my happy marriage.

So if it came down to it, I'd probably choose my happy marriage," he said.

"So I just see it as an opportunity to grow, to expand my mind and realize not everyone's going to be vegan, not everyone's going to believe the same things I do, and to be okay with that." And a lot of couples have managed to make it work, despite their differences.

"I remember, I was cooking chicken and she said, ' You know, the chicken's name could have been Mark.' And so that was a challenging first year." During the second year of the relationship, Poon tried to go vegan, but had a hard time stopping himself from eating meat and dairy when he was working long hours at the hospital, or out with friends.

"Essentially, cheese became the other woman," he said.

Georgia Jardine says her diet caused some conflict when she first started dating her boyfriend, Ethan Munro — she's vegan, but he likes to hunt.

"I did get the feeling from him that he was judging, at the beginning, that I was vegan," she said.

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