Validating wsdl

The file is found to be valid if it is valid according to these rules () the SOAP message will be validated not only against the rules for SOAP messages but also against the rules in the linked WSDL file.

There should be no importing error, because Hello_WSDL_11_is valid WSDL document. As such, AB:test3 is an error, which XMLSpy does detect, but Oxygen does not (by default at least).So, my question: Can Oxygen offer the same kind of validation?The only faults left were due to typos, in this example: is using elements with names AB:test1, AB:test2, AB:test3.But, in the schema file test.xsd, only elements test1, test2 and test4 are defined.

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Validates the XML string/file against the specified XSD string/file.

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