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When setting the field of XRP Ledger accounts, you MUST provide the full domain, including all subdomains you used. You MAY serve the same file from multiple subdomains, if desired. The website can provide further information about your identity and how you use the XRP Ledger, which helps to build trust toward you and your services.In compliance with RFC5785 , the path MUST start with For information on how to configure your server to provide this header, see CORS setup.If you issue any assets, tokens, or currencies in the XRP Ledger, you can provide information about them in the The (case-sensitive) ticker symbol of this currency in the XRP Ledger.This can be a three-digit code, a 40-character hex code, or a custom format (for clients that know how to represent the non-standard code in the XRP Ledger).Tools MAY return an error if a field they recognize is not formatted as expected, even if that field is not defined in this specification.When creating custom fields, be mindful of the field name you choose.

The file MAY be an actual file stored on the web server, or it MAY be generated on-demand by the web server.Those tools MAY make those additional fields available to higher-level applications that call them, or MAY discard those fields.To maintain forward-compatibility with future versions of this specification, tools MAY also discard fields specified in this standard.If present, the principals list MUST BE presented as an array of tables, with each entry using the header The URL where your server is listening for the XRP Ledger Peer Protocol. If your server provides a Peer Crawler response, it is served from this URL with For all URLs in this section, the trailing slash is RECOMMENDED.If omitted, client applications SHOULD assume that there is a trailing slash implied.

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