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45 minutes is a short length of time to be stuck in an elevator...unless you are a radio DJ in the middle of a is FOREVER.

The best part was when the elevator guy showed up to get me out.

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..elevator decides it likes you..wants to keep you forever.

Thank you I always wanted to write in my site something like that.

I like to require breaks during the day and browse by means of some blogs to see what others are saying.

watched a movie the other night and thought of you..... These, "escape hatches" are locked from the outside... The elevator is designed so that if you are "trapped" inside it, then you cannot escape it without outside assistance.

hey, how easy is it to crack open the top hatch of an elevator and climb up there? it seems like everyone in Hollywood is hiding away up on top of elevators..... This is to insure that anyone who is ignorant of how an elevator works (roughly... by design) is unable to release themselves from the cab. put on a long song so you can go downstairs and smoke...

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