Updating tiger

Download the Tiger-compatible PCI audio driver and console package Version 1.08.

The current shipping Mac OS X MIDI driver package (Version 1.31) is already Tiger compatible.

Safari RSS and MOTURunning Safari on Tiger already?

MOTU now supports Safari's new automatic news feed features.

This driver update is also backward compatible with all versions of Mac OS X back to Jaguar (Version 10.2.x).

Download the Tiger-compatible Firewire audio driver and console package Version 1.2.5.

So far, there appear to be no significant problems.This updater requires a previously installed Audio Desk 2.0.x.Download the free Tiger-compatible Audio Desk 2.04 public beta updater.A Tiger "blessed" version of DAE (6.9.2) is now available for download from the Digidesign web site.MOTU testing with this version of DAE is now underway.

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