Updating on laws affecting business

Whether these actions and amendments are to the benefit or detriment of internet users is the frequent subject of heated debate.

But the question that remains to be answered – or even properly addressed – is how will these changes affect small businesses?

Along with our own experience with the products, our affiliation may impact how and where the brands appear on the page. As we ring in the new year, we welcome with it a new internet landscape.

Free-range spaces of digital roaming are being carved out, divvied up, and fenced in through new and changing rules and regulations.

One way or another – businesses will have a price to pay.

The biggest blow to your business may not even be dealt through degraded service alone.

In addition, this bibliography points to related sources in English providing background information on the economic and legal environment for doing business in Germany, and to a number of useful tools, such as dictionaries of business and legal terms, both in print and online.

Hence, it stands to reason to check their origin and currency, or consult an expert in German law on any substantive issues involved.

You may be breathing a sigh of relief, thinking that your business isn’t in competition with mega-providers like Com Cast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable.

In fact, you probably aren’t even in the same industry, so what motivation would they have for throttling your content delivery speed…right?

This means that not only will your page load slower for users, but – especially as the new internet era invites the potential for private information to be auctioned off by ISPs.

States, realizing the user rights violations in the present arena of possibility, are taking matters into their own hands by cracking down on the rules and regulations that dictate how PII is handled.

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iur., 2009) from Saarland University, Germany, and a master's degree from NYU School of Law (2012).

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