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Although I tried about every distro alive at the time, I stuck with Debian as seen as it had had its chance.

I guess that's a familiar story among those having "always been with Debian".

Windows was incapable of providing this functionality back then.I've used Ubuntu on and off but much prefer Debian - I seem to have less problems with Debian.-- "It's Not Magic, It's Work" Adam I started out with Caldera, purely because it came with some-or-other "teach yourself linux" book.I've used Debian at home ever since and my partner and father now run Debian, as I no longer support Windows systems.At work the most recent systems I've installed have been Debian too.

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I've tried Slackware, SUSE, Caldera, and Red Hat, but Debian's what fits my world. We're currently use a 90% Debian Etch distro a few custom debs inclusing Hi Pac.

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