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If you see an error message ‘ Error Connecting Server’ while updating the GPS Map, turn off the antivirus and firewall software.Also, try to update the GPS Map on wired as well as wireless connection.Right-click the Content Manager icon in the system tray in Windows and the Dock in OS X.Select "Check for Updates Now." If any map or software updates are available for download, a notice will pop up on the screen.Kristy Barkan began her writing career in 1998 as a features reporter for the University at Buffalo's "Spectrum" newspaper.She holds a Bachelor of Arts in film and media production from the University at Buffalo, a Master of Fine Arts in visual effects from Academy of Art University and a Diploma in social media marketing from ALISON.This GPS solution can allow you to take advantage of quality equipment and also accessible and operational.Now, the navigation process has become easier and you can directly navigate from your smartphone device.

The executives have a good experience of working with a GPS device, thus troubleshooting the problem is not a big deal for them.

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You can integrate the connected watch with a GPS device.

This is very popular in the athletes as it provides them valuable information during the hiking or running.

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