Updating forklift licence queensland

You should receive your licence within 10 working days.

Australian post does not have any of the paperwork required for HRW licence renewals only the regulator in your state has, so all applications must come through the regulator of your state by mail or phone 13 10 50 for workcover NSW.

That was when I was told I didn't need one with an HR.

I'm not going to bother, as I said before I'm retired and I don't really care if I never drive a fork lift again.

Anybody thinking of doing there forklift licences should definitely contact Australian Forklift Training.

Founded by Peter Whiffen & Margret Whiffen in 1982, Adaptalift started as Forklift Engineering Australia.

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Ask a question about Industry Licencing for towies,pilot vehicles or traffic controllers and they look at you like you just landed from Mars.......

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