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Regarding the Wi-Fi adapter, both cards work in Arch Linux.If the Intel one works out-of-the-box thanks to mainline kernel support, the Dell DW1560 instead requires a proprietary kernel module that is not well-supported; further details are reported in the proper below section.This technology needs some configuration in order to achieve the best operative conditions. Most configurations sport the Dell DW1560 802.11ac adapter (based on the Broadcom BCM4352 chip) which requires too, even if it is listed as an optional dependency) to be installed.See the Broadcom wireless page for more details and/or assistance.The libinput driver supports nearly all button layouts out-of-the-box with few additional settings.Refer to the specific libinput page for more details. Natural Scrolling, Middle Emulation), see An ICC profile is a binary file which contains precise data regarding the colour attributes of the monitor.Although the XPS 13 is sold in a variety of configurations in most markets, those wanting to run Linux should pay special attention to display options (FHD or QHD ) and Wi-Fi adapter differences (Dell DW1560 or Intel 7265).

Even if it has been reported as fixed upstream according to this bug report, users still suffer of this problem (reported for both Full HD model with kernel 4.20.12 and the QHD model with kernel 4.18.6).

One more, following a comment in the abovementioned bug report, you can work it around by blacklisting mei modules: to latest version. If you encounter some artifacts and/or an unusable graphical environment after resuming from a suspend, you may want to switch your Intel graphics acceleration from SNA to UXA.

Switching to UXA, however, will result in worse performance.

This wireless adapter, other than an enviable driver support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that makes installation easier, compared to the Broadcom card, it has a 2-3 times wider reception range and a much higher throughput, making it an worthwhile upgrade. The Intel Wireless 8265 is known to work$ cabextract 20662520_6c535fbfa9dca0d07ab069e8918896086e2af0a7$ hex2hcd BCM20702A1_001.002.014.1443.1572# mv BCM20702A1_001.002.014.1443.1572/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-216# ln -rs /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-216/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A0-0a5c-216The sound chipset in this laptop, a Realtek ALC3263, is described as "dual-mode", meaning it supports both the HDA standard and the I2S standard.

The embedded controller in the XPS 13 uses the ACPI _REV value provided by the OS itself to determine in which mode the sound chipset should be initialized in at boot.

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With version A02 or newer, almost everything should work out-of-the-box and the kernel boot parameters that were used in conjunction with earlier BIOS versions are no longer necessary.

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