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I tried selecting from one database which has values in it and inserting into another empty database and I am getting the same issue.

So now my transform uses a table input selecting a CLOB and inserting into the same table in another database with same schema but empty and I still get this error. This might not help a bit, but just to start simple, are you using the latest JDBC (ojdbc14orai18n.jar)?

One thing I don't under stand is the error log says "Error looking up row in database" but this is a Insert/Update.

I even tried setting "Don't perform and updates" since I am only trying to insert now.

ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB The transform simple reads from the spreadsheet, adds a few constant values, uses a select to select only the needed data and rename the fields then insert/update in the table.

How can I designate the string as a CLOB so it will insert correctly?

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I saw some old references to needing better jdbc driver but I don't really know where I can find any other drivers.I have tentatively solved this problem by issuing an update statement and simply updating my field in the table (it is a CLOB) with the data necessary after the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE and leaving it null in the initial insert.However, I would like to try and keep this all within my insert statement if possible.We are using Oracle Native (JDBC) connections and insert quite a bit into CLOB fields without any issues.This might not help a bit, but just to start simple, are you using the latest JDBC (ojdbc14orai18n.jar)?

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Your dynamic SQL is trying to concatenate the CLOB as part of the SQL statement, turning it into a string literal.

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