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I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been keeping up with the program — it hasn’t gotten any better or worse but has stayed wonderfully middling — and that it’s great, mindless entertainment.

is another nude survival show — how great is it to live in a world with more than one! In each episode, two strangers are paired and stranded together with no food or clothes, and have to survive 21 days.Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Director's Cut (Both were taken from the US DVDs from Lionsgate.) Theatrical Version: min without credits ( min with credits) in NTSC Unrated Director's Cut: min without credits ( min with credits and the additional scene at the end) in NTSC - 68 changes, including * 22x alternative footage * 17 scenes in which only the theatrical version is longer * 3 changes of the audio track * 2 changes of speed * 1 other change - time difference: 82,7 sec (= min), including * additional footage (Unrated): 272,6 sec (= min) * additional footage (Theatrical Version): 129,9 sec ( min) "Same procedure as last year...? On Halloween, audiences in the US could again immerse themselves in the latest addition to the Jigsaw universe.Like in the last two years, the story relies heavily on cutbacks. But of course, the producers did not abandon their beloved cash cow Tobin Bell completely.Like the Unrated versions of its direct prequels, Saw VI Unrated can be considered a true Director's Cut, as the changes were not necessarily made because of complaints from the MPAA.Actually, the Unrated version only contains very few scenes in which the violence was extended or intensified.

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