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When a connection is borrowed from the pool you want to make sure that that connection is valid.

For this you can specify the validation Query property on your datasource.

Command("go", "build", "-o", build Path(), root()) to be cmd := exec.

Command("go", "build", "-a", "-o", build Path(), root()) and then go install -a github.com/pilu/fresh flag -a force recompiling of .a files...

token= android,refresh,listpreference ok, I'm not sure what you are trying to do and what is the problem, so I've made a sample, showing the next thing: a list Preference that its default value&entry will set the title&summary of an Edit Text Preference .

when choosing an item on the List Preference, it will also update tge...

html,refresh,auto As Minh Quy stated in the comments, you can use the JS function set Interval or set Timeout Example below : set Interval(function(), 3000); set Timeout(function () , 3000); The first simple example displays a pop-up alert window every 3 seconds and the second reloads the page after 3 seconds. java,android,refresh,android-linearlayout,android-textview Put tv a global variable. private Text View tv; After this, In your "on Create()" method: tv = new Text View(get Application Context()); And then: private void Console Window(String data String) { Linear Layout layout = new Linear Layout(get Application Context()); if (first2) { //first2 is true when application is launched // ONLY SET LAYOUT AND EDITTEXT IN FIRST RUN TO...

java,swing,refresh,jbutton,jlabel You can get hold of the JButton reference from the Action Event itself.

jquery,html,iframe,refresh You can do: $("iframe[src*=sample]").attr("id"); where "sample" is the string which you are looking at.If you are using Fast Link for account aggregation then you should be using start Site Refresh API.You can pass in the only mandatory fields and then follow the refresh flow from the flow...list Of Buttons[i]Action Listener(new Action Listener() ); I've used quest List[temp]Value() just as an example.You'll obviously pass what works for your program....

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