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So, for your type of case, only some of these types of service may be allowed.The individual sections on this Online Self-Help Center will tell you what types of service are allowed in your case.

Once you have taken all the steps your court requires before asking to serve by publication: Service by posting (at the courthouse) “Service by posting” means that the court clerk posts the summons and complaint in a visible place designated for court notices at the courthouse.Look for a process server who is close to where the other side lives or works. The information here about the types of service is general.Fees are often based on how far the server has to travel. Not all of them are allowed in all cases, or at all stages of a case.BUT in order to qualify for “service by posting” and do away with the requirement to publish your summons and complaint in a newspaper, you usually have to qualify for a fee waiver.Click to find out how to serve a spouse by posting when you do not know your spouse's or partner's whereabouts.

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