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You have to be able to see the person as an individual with an identity that isn’t determined solely by their profession, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

Instead of helping your boo to study for a bio test, your helping them study for the promotion board and making sure they have the Soldiers Creed and the NCO Creed perfectly memorized.

um if you are dating a military man just date that military man don’t marry him after two months, don’t marry him after five months, or even six months. Sometimes it works out if you’ve known each other before the military but a lot of the times if you know them in the military and you marry them in the military it doesn’t work out.

Just because how can you know someone whenever you don’t know someone for that long.

Being in a relationship with a member of the military can be hard. um almost everything you can think of about living or not living with a military man or woman.

Here is some great dating a military man advice to keep in mind. First episode that I’m kind of going to do is five things.

Number four they are dedicated men this is kind of a good thing because you want a man who’s dedicated especially to you he is going to be dedicated to you no matter what sure he there have been times where you know there aren’t such good situations going on in the home because they are gone and people are gone everything but for the most part they are dedicated and even if they do say mess up they are dedicated to fighting back what they lost as whether it’s a husband or a wife because I am from broken home and so I believe in the fight of getting back together because anybody can be redeemed anybody can be forgiven and so I think that the fight is the best part about it about a military man the fight and the dedication that they have and so if you’re in a hard relationship with a military guy or woman and there’s you know stuff going on and you don’t know how to handle it I encourage you to get support from people and I encourage you to find help because if you’re just as dedicated as he could be there’s going to be you’re going to live in a group like a fantastic marriage that’s relationship if you both just fight which I know for sure that he will if you give him the opportunity.

Number five I almost of ten five they get really stressed out really really stressed out and I know a lot of people get stressed out we all get stressed out I get stressed out to the max but Connor gets stressed out and it’s because the military puts a lot of pressure on that pressure like doing things right getting stuff done having our whole country on their shoulders to fight for.

“Anyone who mentally convinces their self otherwise is partially setting the relationship up for failure, in my opinion.Hey everybody so this is my military wife account I’m kind of just gonna share with you all about how I met Connor here’s a picture of him. Five things you should know before dating a military man.Now I kind of want to say something I don’t want it to be mean but I think I should just say it. To often I’ve seen women, who I know, date military men and it just not be something they want or even mostly men dating women and it not being what they want them getting divorced and the divorce rates are high in the military.Caitlin Bryant, 20, student at Johnson and Wales University, says it all depends on how you handle not being in constant contact and not being able to see them everyday.“For me I started to talk to my boyfriend, Josey, after he was in the Marines so it was easier for me to get in that mindset, but you have to be loyal and trust is key in these long distance relationships.

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