Time constraints boost popularity of online dating

Perhaps you are less selective or circumspect than I and feel differently, but your pocketbook might not.

Yet, even on bigger sites — like bloated, dowdy Match.com, or snarky-arsey Ok Cupid — with the ability to fine tune searches down to the tiniest minutiae of criteria, we remain as feckless as the rudimentary 1950’s IBM 650 mix and match algorithms, and no more efficient at discovering people we might tolerate.

For all their complexity, today’s online platforms seem to be no more adept or reliable at fulfilling their guarantees than their analogue predecessors.

I once tried this process of elimination by blocking the profiles on Match that I wished not to see again, please. You can even unblock them if and when you decide to lower your standards.

Sites like squeak out only twenty or thirty “bagels,” each day to choose from.

At that rate, it could take me as long as 1.75 earth years to find one match.

Virtual dating spawned a cold, antiseptic, homogenized rustic meat-marketplace that takes quality time away from doing things that you enjoy.

It’s not fecund ground for building lasting relationships.

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The room for improvement is huge, and AI will fill the void.

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