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Don't you people realize I'm the size of a 12-year-old. Reality TV World: During the finale Jeff observed you actually weigh more now than you did before China and -- although you continued to insist what people saw at the beginning of the show was your "natural" weight -- you basically brushed off his comment without explanation. Do you "take" as good as you "give" with those sarcastic comments and putdowns?If 93 pounds is your "normal" weight, is there any particularly reason you seem to look so much healthier now? See, when you're on , they don't give you any food for days at a time. Courtney: In my group of friends, in my family, I have a really kind of sarcastic sense of humor. Courtney: Jean-Robert was a very popular icon of dislike. Reality TV World: You touched upon this a little already, but when would you say your alliance with Amanda and Todd start to take shape? It was funny because we sort of were kind of buddy/buddy like in the beginning. Reality TV World: You just said you were quiet at the beginning -- which I remember you were -- did you think vocally expressing your displeasure for Jean-Robert would put a target on your back? Amanda didn't like him in the beginning -- [but] I think they ended up being buddy/buddy by the end. Then sort of as it went on and it became such a physical game -- it was true -- we needed to keep the giant man there because when the challenge is to roll around in the mud and squash a face in it, you need a big fat guy! He was sort of resting on his laurels that, "I'm the biggest person here." He had every right to because that's the way the game was at that point.Then when you come back to the real world, you can eat whenever you want to. I'll give you the chance to debunk it now or let me know if it's true. It just doesn't apparently translate to primetime TV all that well.You know, so you don't look like a skeleton any more. Some folks have been speculating you're possibly pregnant -- any comment on that? It's funny, because I think it's evident in how the jury responded to me in the end.Courtney: I'm sure there are, but then I'm like, "Ah, ignore it! Reality TV World: What was your initial reaction when Amanda approached you about blind-siding James and were you surprised the plan went off smoothly?

That's probably the best group to go with anyway for me. It's three young people, three single people, who were kind of always in the majority alliance. We respect that." When it came time to vote out Frosti, everyone got all like, "Oh God! They had the exact same strategy; the exact same story; and had been together since Day 1. Amanda got the one [final Tribal Council jury] vote, Todd picked up the rest of it for them, and I got two... Reality TV World: So you think you got more votes than Amanda based on... Courtney: I don't think so, because for me -- coming from outside the game -- is known mostly through the first season, it's what everyone always thinks of. The dirt bag, slippery, little manipulator guy Richard Hatch. That sort of play is respected and it's the benchmark. Like [host Jeff Probst] said, seven pounds is whatever percentage of my body weight and James weighs 200 and something and he lost 50 pounds.On Monday, Courtney talked to Reality TV World about how having no strategy worked better than it would seem; how her sarcastic sense of humor and tell-it-like-it-is attitude actually helped her overtake Amanda Kimmel for second; why she planned all along to take "Toddmanda" to the Final 3; and why her small frame made her worry about competing in the physical challenges.? Do you think there was a turning point for you in the competition, and if so, when was it? They had me ranting in confessionals, but nobody sees that. I understood on Day 9 that I was useful to him for some reason, and that's not necessarily a bad spot for me to be.Did you watch a lot of the show before leaving for China? Courtney: I think just in the beginning everyone was tense. I was just kind of quiet, and after [Fei Long] swapped [James Clement and Aaron Reisberger for Sherea Lloyd and Michael "Frosti" Zernow] it changed things up. Reality TV World: Where did all that hostility towards each other come from? Reality TV World: Did Amanda sort of just come with the Todd package?Courtney: I had never seen it before, so when I was approached, I was like, "You're insane. It just seemed so contrived to me, I couldn't wrap my head around it. All of a sudden, the two dominant alpha males were out of the picture and it was us little people sort of running the show. Courtney: The beginning part of the game was so hyper-physical -- it was hard -- and he just lacks some sort of a thing where he just talked down and talked over Todd and I as if we weren't people because we were small. Courtney: Amanda definitely just came with the package on my end of it because she and I didn't really get along in the beginning. It wasn't we didn't get along, we just had nothing in common. They were like, "We really think that you can do this, but we believe in you even if you don't." So I ended up doing it for the hell of it. I was like, "Alright, go make a fool of yourself for three days and get a month-long trip in China and that's pretty sweet. Go do something cool, swallow your pride and go be an idiot in the jungle for three days." So 39 days later... (laughing) Then when we lost [the third Immunity Challenge] and they ended up voting out Leslie instead of me -- I was like, "Well, I'm leaving.

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