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But things don’t get off to a great start when she finds From the writer of THE SUPERNATURAL DATING AGENCY. After cheating on her monthly figures, Samara finds herself sent back to Cupid training school by the big boss himself.If she’s to pass her probation, she’ll have to prove she is capable of creating genuine love matches.Fate intervenes and causes some chaos and now Samara is having to go back to Cupid school to learn how to be a better Cupid and her husband is a dog!I loved the side characters in this story as much as I loved Samara and I for one, can't wait to see What the future holds This is a spin off from the fantastic supernatural dating agency series by the fabulous Andie M Long.

From now on I was calling him Vax because of his sucking skills and being full of crap. She’s totally into the dark arts and seances and all that shit. Personally, I just think she sits at home watching The Craft and painting her nails black. Long has devised another creatively contrived world to exist among the humans which was filled with recognizable immortals and myths, irreverent humor, an unhappy spirit, clever bits of magic, and snarky characters.This is a spin off from the fantastic supernatural dating agency series by the fabulous Andie M Long.The series starts by following Samara who works for Cupid and she was living life with her husband and working in Withernsea.When Greeny finds out about the divorce and the tears she has been through, he tries his best to make up with Kam-Kiu, and at the same time he tries to hide the fact that he has feelings for her...The characters face many trials of love before they each find who is the one truly most important to them in their hearts.

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