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So I’ve chosen to give a brief description of the DVD, and then talk about what I liked and didn’t like about it. Street Dating Revealed is a DVD consisting of 5 recorded day time pickups.The DVD includes full interviews with the two pick up artists in the videos -Alex and Stephen.The DVD includes full interviews with the two pick up…Alex from Succeed at Dating recently sent me a copy of Street Dating Revealed to review.If you watch the videos with the explanations- the screen will freeze from time to time and they will explain why they did what they just did.

Both of the PUA’s in the video are extremely skilled and make day game look easy.The concepts that they teach in the interviews and cheat sheet are things that if you’ve studied pickup for awhile you will know, but none the less the information is accurate.Overall I can not say anything negative about their skills. What I didn’t like about Street Dating Revealed It left me wanting more.I believe this was a topic that a few readers were discussing the last couple days in some comments.This video gives a clear look at what great male body language looks like.

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A Paranormal Horror Thriller inspired by true events.

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