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Don’t even try going near this one and do something very useful this weekend.‘ that shall definitely strike chord with the front benchers.Continuing with the trend of dubbing films, yet another Tamil film which has been dubbed into Telugu is Manmadhan for Sale.Starring Simbhu, this film has hit the screens today. Story:- Arjun(Simbhu) is a London based animator who falls in love with Nisha(Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar).Coming to the director Vignesh Shivan, he has disappointed with his execution.Except for the novel story line and the cute love story, the entire film goes for a toss and leaves the audience shattered.

As time passes by, Arjun starts disliking Nisha’s dominating nature and her love for dance. Plus Points:- One of the basic plus points of the film is the interesting story line.Verdict:- Once in a while, Tollywood producers dub some outdated and flop Tamil movies into Telugu and try to cash in on the craze.Manmadhan for Sale falls into the same category but sadly, the film nor the performances impress you one bit.For years, he has been reportedly seeing Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.Although they have denied the rumours about the wedding, there were ample of hints on the couple sharing a special relationship.

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