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Though by definition, a shiur is a comprehensive, structured lesson, some kiruv organizations advertise "five-minute shiurim" to attract beginning listeners.Getting Rabbi Orlofsky's shiurim (Torah classes) is easier than ever!Typically, yeshiva students attend a daily shiur yomi (daily lecture) given by a maggid shiur (literally, "sayer of the shiur") and a weekly shiur klali (comprehensive lecture, which sums up the week's learning) given by the rosh yeshiva.

There's no set schedule, but expect updates every once in a while. Getting Rabbi Orlofsky's shiurim (Torah classes) is easier than ever!

Noted rabbis give more in-depth shiurim to attendees on Shabbat or weekday evenings, usually in the local synagogue or beth midrash (study hall).

In modern parlance, the term "shiur" has been extended to include any kind of Torah lesson — including lectures to children, women, and baalebatim (non-scholarly audience), and taped lectures circulated via cassette tape, computer hookup, MP3 or MP4 connection, or call-in telephone lines.

How much bread must one eat to be obligated in netilas yadayim, hand washing, or to fulfill one’s obligation of seudas Shabbos?

The answers to these and other questions relating to shiurim have been addressed by gedolei haposkim, but are often not well known.

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The shiur has been a primary method of teaching since Mishnaic times.

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