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The number on the coin is a Greek letter that is added to 126 BCE, Tyre’s independence from Syria, to give the date.All Judaean taxes were specified in shekels, for example, the annual Temple Tax for males over 20 was a half shekel.From where we stood we could see the kitchen area and, of course, the big round bed in the main room. To help identify the age of your tyres, each one is imprinted with a coded date which tells you when that tyre was manufactured.We can stop mining at any time and it will look like natural erosion. Finally, the tag team approach was too much for her. You may be nervous at first but there is no harm in seeing the person casually for one night. It wasn't that she was ashamed of what she was doing, but she didn't need a lecture about it. The sheet under her showed some dampness and everywhere, the smell of her sex and heat.I could easily see my cousin doing something like that. That's for the ride, she said with a grin and watched as he pulled up directly outside the small terminal. It was the look of fulfillment and joy on your face when they came home today that brought that up. Everybody down there at the creek, lounging around naked, playing in the creek, grandkids naked and screaming and running wild.Although independent during the Hasmonean period (from 167 BCE), the Jews had no silver coins of their own and from circa 126 BCE – 66 CE relied on coins issued by the Phoenician city of Tyre.

The first two digits of the code represent the week of production during the year (from 1 to 52) while the second two digits represent the year of manufacture.

The Hebrew word shekel refers to weight (a shekel is 11 grams or .35 troy ounces) or currency, in fact, it has the same root as the Hebrew to weigh, שקל.

In practice, the weight fluctuated between 9 and 17 grams depending on the issuing government, location and time period.

In this example, the manufacture date code is 1413 - where 14 denotes the week of manufacture and 13 represents the year, meaning the tyre manufacture date was the 14th week of 2013.

If your tyres are printed with only a 3-digit number, it means your tyres were manufactured before 2000 and should be replaced asap.

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