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"Looking for mature ladies who can appreciate a young and hung dude," I wrote. "Maybe we can teach each other a few things." Since my mother claimed that she lived about 40 miles south of where we actually live, I chose the opposite, and said I was about 50 miles north of Albany. You're cute but I don't want to go to jail over this. .98 later, I was trolling through the offerings of "What's Love Got To Do With it? ", looking through the collection of desperate men women, not sure whether I was hoping to find my mother or not. That would make my mother feel a little safer, since I was betting she gave a different location because she was afraid to run into a local guy. Would my mother contact "Young Fungi", the name I had given myself? Only one woman did, and she was a woman that look about 80 and sent me a picture of her with her legs spread wide open along with an offer to sell me her worn panties for . So just for the heck of it I send my Mom, or rather Luke Warm Mama, a message. I knew she still wasn't over the old man taking off like he did, but it wasn't like he was any great shakes or anything.

I guess the name of the site pretty much came out and said it, but I hadn't been expecting this.

So when I saw a letter addressed to my mother with a return address from some outfit called "What's Love Got to Do with It", that curious nature of mine took over.

It wasn't junk mail, because if it was I would have just figured that it was the same kind of crap I get inundated with all the time. Luke Warm Mama: Well, I guess my breasts are pretty good. Luke Warm Mama: Yes, my tits :) Young Fungi: Tell me about them Mama.

I was welcome to check out everybody on the site, but for that I would have to pay.

I was curious, but not that curious, so I forgot about it. Within an hour I signed up for the stupid dating service. The one I was attached to for way too long wasn't anything like yours.

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This had a stamp on it, not a bulk mail thing, and it looked like a bill was inside.

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