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They clasped hands beneath a white gazebo festooned with white bunting on that warm fall afternoon in 2014. Are you promising to be his husband forever and love him no matter what? “So, now you put that ring on his hand.” Ryan concentrated, trying his best, but the ring wouldn’t slip over Spicer’s knuckle.“With this ring, I take you as my husband, for as long as we both shall live,” said Sean Spicer, in response to prompts from officiator Susan Bird-Santo, one of Ryan Morris’ legal guardians at the time. Until you’re not alive anymore, until you die and even after that probably? “It’s hard to get on – push it on there,” Bird-Santo said. Ryan Morris, 20, and Sean Spicer, 38, were married.Ronald — who is not mentally or physically challenged — was allowed to go home with his grandmother, but officials kept Ryan in specialized foster care homes, despite his biological family’s objections.Such homes could better deal with Ryan’s many disabilities, officials said.PAPER WINDOW For many years, Ryan’s biological family could only glimpse into his life by reading the public files kept on Morris’ foster home. Between 19, while Ryan was living with Morris, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department received five calls involving reports of possible child abuse, rape, sex crimes and lewd conduct at Morris’ home, then in the Tustin foothills, according to call logs.

The twins were taken from their troubled parents shortly after birth in 1994.That process, they said, essentially doubled her payments from the state, as she received adoption assistance for her legal children in addition to foster-care payments for her foster children.At its height, Morris had 10 children in her home, with payments of some ,000 per month for their care, records show.It’s a constant enigma – it’s emotionally walking in the dark.” Did Ryan feel Ronald’s absence as acutely – or at all?Those were among the questions haunting his biological family.

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