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The town is characterized by rusty vehicles, abandoned gas pumps, and whirling wind that’s believed to be the wandering spirits of the town’s former unruly population.You’ll also be thrilled by the fact that the town hosts active old-school saloons to complement the deserted scene.Picture this – your guests will be served with iced champagne in iced glasses and sit on iced benches draped with animal skin. The best thing about exchanging vows in this chapel is that you don’t need to stress about what to wear.There’s a designer dedicated to designing cozy gowns and suits for couples who wed here.

This ancient theater bears the raw history of the Renaissance era with its magnificent architectural design.

If you’re one quirky couple, you may want to look for wedding venues that are out of the ordinary.

In that case, here are top unique wedding destinations to serve as an inspiration for your big day: Treehouse Point features a lush forest and large, nostalgic childhood tree-houses.

Even better, the farm owners allow couples to return to the venue each summer to refresh their wedding memories as they pick blueberries.

If an outdoor wedding doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want to express your quirky side, the Yagodina Caves can be on your top list. In fact, they’re well lit and explored by thousands of tourists all year round.

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Who wouldn’t want to wake up to beautiful melodies of birds chirping right after their wedding day?

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