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Continue north through/under the stop light at Ackerly Rd., then make the next right at the hardtop off-ramp.

and I am a hardworking mother of a 8-year-old son and a 6-year-old girl I also have a 2-month-old baby girl.

My personal and professional experience can help you to benefit from the insights that I have gained over my years of guiding clients through the process of counseling."" I understand that taking the leap to talk to a therapist can be a nerve wracking experience in itself.

I believe sucess in a client's life is formed by examining core personal values.

I work with a directive style using the beliefs and emotions of the client to aid them in transitioning through difficult times.

He is a good kid, but I need an emergency sitter on 8/28 from 8-3. Mainly I just need someone to hang out with him, but he may need toileting assistance. Thanks Hi, I am looking for someone to watch my daughter before school starts on the 28th.

I need someone who can take my son to the bus stop every morning. Also may need help couple times a week after school. I may need help for the first couple of days until after school care starts as well.

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