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According to the International Justice Mission (IJM), the number of rescue and arrest operations related to the cybersex trade in the Philippines went up from 17 in 2015 to 51 in the first nine months of 2018.

At the same time, the age of the victims is going down.

Poverty is one of the main factors driving live-stream sexual abuse of children in the Philippines.

(Photo: Pichayada Promchertchoo) In the Philippines, child cybersex crime mostly operates as a family business, but there have been incidents showing it can also transform into an organised syndicate.

Every month, the Philippine Justice Department receives more than 3,000 reports from overseas of possible cybersex trafficking cases.“The main perpetrators are family members.

As the crime proliferates, the severity of sexual abuse increases.“We can see a trend where the children get younger and younger and there is more and more torture going on,” Sylwander said.

A boy swims in a polluted river around Manila's biggest slum, Tondo.

For a law enforcer with years of experience, much of what he does is now routine.

Yet there is one type of crime which the veteran chief of the Philippines’ cyber investigation unit has difficulty coming to terms with. “No matter how hard you try to shield yourself from emotions, you just can't.

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