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It is time to have public hearings of the Finance Committee (like we used to have) where the Board members and the public can ask questions and receive answers prior to the Finance Committee reporting its recommendations for the next year's budget.

A 2019 example of abuse of reserve funds was the replacement of perfectly good equipment in the Liberty Fitness Center and a grossly inadequate trade-in amount received for the "used" equipment virtually given to the vendor.

He is perhaps one of the most unqualified members of our community to ever hold office; has never come up with an original idea of his own; shuns additional responsibility whenever possible having never expressed an interest to serve as a Board officer, and was obviously recruited by "the machine" for a vote, It relies on a publication that will do anything to harm others with whom it disagrees, one that has habitually justified impending failures and frivolous spending as a "right" to serve selfish personal wants and desires.

The Board voted to TABLE any office construction other than a remodeling of the revolving door in Anthem Center...a decision we agreed made sense due to the dangers and litigation that has resulted in the past.

During those times when I’ve felt most alone and vulnerable, Christ has been my strength and comforter.

Offer only valid at select clubs, see club for details.

We invite you to learn more about His mission, His teachings, and His role as Savior of the world.

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For today's baby boomers and seniors with few if any disabilities and needed only limited assistance, retirement communities offer a broad range of intellectual, physical and social activities to enhance golden years' enjoyment. In fact, some say they're the best years of life since you don't have to deal with the stresses of mortgage, kids and jobs.

When a senior chooses an independent living community, he or she has the physical and mental capacity to live independently, but wants companionship from others his/her age.

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And independent senior living provides not only socialization, it also provides fun activities and stimulation.

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