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The producers were pleased with Lautner’s acting and approved him for the role of Jacob Black, a native American from the tribe of Quiletes, who can transform into a werewolf.

Other characters of the romantic saga about vampires and werewolves were played by Robert Pattinson and by Kristen Stewart.

Most of the roles that Taylor was getting were of the same type.

The Rolling Stone magazine concluded that Lautner’s early roles were either a popular guy, an athlete, or a bully.

In high school, Taylor Lautner began dating his school friend Sarah Hicks.

After three years of romance and a break, the young people resumed their relationship until the beautiful blonde actress Mika Monroe won the heart of the handsome Taylor in 2013.

In 2011-2012, the actor starred in the films Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 2, after which his career declined.

Alongside with his karate classes, Lautner was fond of baseball, jazz and hip-hop dancing, and also played in his school’s American football team.

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The mother of the actor, Deborah, worked in a software development company, while his father, Daniel, was a Midwest Airlines pilot. Taylor's has an unusual appearance thanks to a wild mix of ethnic blood: he has French, Germans, Irish and Native American roots. His hard work was crowned with success - the boy participated in the national tournament in Kentucky, where he was fortunate enough to meet Michael Chaturantabut, a Thai-American actor and stuntman.

But it was namely karate that eventually brought him into the world of cinema - this was what his mentor advised him; he saw some acting talent in Taylor and insisted on it.

He convinced the boy to go to a casting in advertising, and although he failed the audition, Taylor liked the atmosphere in the studio. For several years, Lautner and his parents flew from Michigan to Los Angeles for auditions, sometimes returning to his hometown to the beginning of the school.

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