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She said, "I'm a young photographer." And I said, "nice to meet you." She was just staring at me and after a while, I realized she was looking at me and back at the camera. She didn't saying anything, but I realized she wanted me to ask to take her picture. Good luck to you." ELLE: She's was probably like, "wait but I have he's going to want to take a picture of me." I mean, I was nice—I asked about her photography in a nice way. Sometimes missing shots is a good way to kick your butt a bit.

At that time, I was not in the mood—I was having my first coffee of the day. ELLE: Did you ever think this was going to be the course of your career? It took me a long time to be able to call myself a photographer.

Laying out the book was about what images seemed to go well together, whether it was because of lighting, shape, or contrast.

SS: I think New York does a great job in terms of variety.Italians do Italian very well, but that's very much what they do.In Stockholm they have a very specific look, but they don't have much variety. ELLE: Have you noticed a shift in style since your first book?For me, it's about being able to spread out and mix different cultures together.Also, I've felt that a lot of the shots were literally getting closer to the subjects.

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